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It is Hank’s least favorite time of year. The sound of fireworks turn him in to a quivering puddle. The poor guy really melts down and it is sad to see. Many of you also have dogs that suffer from a fear of fireworks, or kovtapyroergasoiphobia. If you do, make sure you have a planRead more

Fit Fido

I have been neglecting Hank’s training since I’ve been primarily focused on Fever’s foundation this Winter. It is clear he’s not as strong as usual and I know the agility trial this weekend was tough for him. At 8 years old, it’s not as easy getting around a course with that big body as itRead more

Check Out Sarah on Good Morning America

View image | Doggie Academy owner Sarah was on Good Morning America recently as a commentator for the Paw-lympics, the ultimate dog competition. It was a heated battle between two terrific stunt dogs: Bella and Pickles. Tricks included pushing a shopping cart, riding a scooter and tight rope walking, Want to see who won?Read more

Off Leash and Under Control?

FIDO in Prospect Park recently sent out this note, reminding dog owners of off leash regulations in Prospect Park and the potential repercussions of disobeying them. Those repercussions include possible suspension of off leash privileges. Though I am not a morning person and do not take advantage of off leash hours often, I thoroughly appreciateRead more

My Dog Hates Bugs… Does Yours?

Hank & I had a wonderful time at Camp Gone to the Dogs and are excited to be working at Fall Camp as well. One thing Hank did not enjoy, though, was the bugs. He has been mildly afraid of bugs since having the bejesus scared out of him while watching a horror film onRead more

Hank vs. Fetch

Hank has never been very good at the game of Fetch. He’s not one of those dogs that’s obsessed with balls, he’s much more interested in the game of chase. If you follow my blog, you may have seen his how-to video on the subject. As for Fetch, his style has been to chase afterRead more

Hank vs. Anal Sacs

Do you express your dog’s anal sacs? Did you even know that your dog has anal sacs and that they might need to be expressed? The canine anal sacs are two organs around the anus that secrete small amounts of fluid that has a smell specific to your dog. The liquid is secreted during aRead more

Norwegian Elkhound Sweaters?

I was reading this month’s issue of Dog World Magazine and it has a feature story on the Norwegian Elkhound breed. It was interesting reading about the ways they are used to hunt large game in Norway. Did you know that in order for a Norwegian Elkhound to be a Champion in Norway, it mustRead more