BKLN Manners™: Positive Training Solutions for Your Unruly Urban Dog

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“I wish Bella would stop jumping on my guests.” “If Frankie doesn’t stop barking at noises, I’m going to get evicted.” Nearly every client who contacts Doggie Academy trainer Kate Naito, CPDT-KA, MS, is desperately looking to stop his or her dog’s undesirable behavior.

BKLN Manners™: Positive Training Solutions for Your Unruly Urban Dog is a comprehensive training guide that addresses behavior concerns common to urban and suburban dog owners. In true Brooklyn style, this book offers no-nonsense, easy-to-implement solutions to:
B: Barking
K: Knocking people over
L: Leash walking problems
N: Naughty when alone

Kate utilizes clever management techniques and adaptations of positive training strategies to help you transform your dog from unruly to urbane. Chapters are organized to identify a common dog behavior problem, and then offer both management and training solutions to make it “stop.” BKLN Manners™ tailors its solutions to include urban challenges: dodging chicken bones on the sidewalk, counterconditioning on crowded streets, neighbors’ noise concerns, and many others.

BKLN Manners™ streamlines training in two ways: by offering solutions that you can practice while already spending time with your dog on walks or at home, and by teaching behaviors that have multiple applications. As a result, your dog will have many chances to practice and generalize the behavior, giving him polite BKLN Manners™ both indoors and out.