Off Leash and Under Control?

FIDO in Prospect Park recently sent out this note, reminding dog owners of off leash regulations in Prospect Park and the potential repercussions of disobeying them. Those repercussions include possible suspension of off leash privileges. Though I am not a morning person and do not take advantage of off leash hours often, I thoroughly appreciate it when I am there. It really is the best way to start a day.

In order to abide by the rules, you must have control of your off leash dog. This is not always an easy task since the park is a treasure trove for urban dogs. Especially for dogs that have been kept mostly inside and on leash during the long winter. The wooded areas, forbidden to off leash dogs, contain critters that are fun to hunt down and chase. It can be a huge challenge to recall your dog once he’s committed to a critter chase.

Maybe you need to begin off leash training or maybe you just need to brush up on your recall skills for the Spring. Either way, a private lesson can get you going in the right direction. When appropriate, we can meet at a nearby park to practice off leash skills and play training games. Let’s get started so that your dog, park wildlife and off leash privileges can all remain safe!

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