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Bank Card Bonus

When HSBC changed the terms of my checking account after over 10 years and started charging fees they didn’t charge before, I looked for a new bank. I found one in Capital One where I’m actually accruing points for banking as normal. The best part though is my new debit card!!

A Blog for Dog Nerds Everywhere

My good friend (and fellow agility student), Kirby, has a new blog geared for people who love dogs and dog training: Dog.Nerd.101. If that describes you, I highly recommend you follow her blog! Kirby is an avid dog agility participant with her super sweet Bichon Frise, Sophia. She is also a psychologist and student ofRead more

Hank vs. The Heat

With the extreme heatwave we’ve had recently, exercising Hank has been an extra challenge. It’s been too hot to do much of anything outside but I still have to keep the big man busy. There are a handful of dog toys out there that involve ice to keep cool. We have a Chilly Bone, butRead more

Shop & Help Shelter Dogs

Did you know that just by shopping you can help a local animal shelter? Simply shop at some of your favorite online retailers (like Barnes and Nobel, Petco, Target, Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, Gap and more) through iGive and a portion of your purchase will be donated by the retailer to Waggy Tail Rescue! How easy isRead more

Dog Tail Docking

Back in college my Golden Retriever, Magic, was nicknamed “Tail of Doom” because of her propensity from knocking every single thing off of a coffee table in one swipe. So many dog breeds consistently have their tails docked that many people do not even realize that it has been done. How many of us haveRead more

Hank vs. Fresh Snow

It seems like it’s been snowing forever which brings me down, but releasing Hank into the front patio this morning brought a rush of energy. He could barely contain himself and flailed wildly. There are a few crazy photos of him on our Facebook page, too. Enjoy the snow day everyone!

Hank vs. Treadmill

Vinny & I have tossed around the idea of getting a treadmill for Hank for a while. He has so much energy, it would be nice to be able to really tire him out at home. During a visit to some family that has a treadmill, we got to try him out on it. HeRead more

Hank vs. Santa

Here’s Hank showing off one of his Christmas gift from his Grandma for Vinny & Damien. He was actually quite good-natured about it. But not as good as his cousin, Lucky, who wore his Santa suit for most of the day!

Hank vs. Snow

This is one edition of “Hank vs.” that Hank clearly wins!NYC was hit with the first snow storm of the season and the first thing Hank wanted to do was pee… for 31 seconds! Now, before you go thinking “wow, he must have really had to go” I have to tell you that he doesRead more