Dog Agility Classes

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Agility (Competition)

dog agility classes

Sarah’s Dog, Hank, at The Masters Agility Championship at Westminster. Photo Credit: Terri Kieffer – Key4prints

Agility Foundation:

If you’re looking to get started in agility the right way and learn what the sport is really about, then this class is a great place to start. Whether you have goals of competition or not, the class is a stimulating way to challenge you and your dog. Skills learned in class will transfer to your relationship outside of class, improve your dog’s attention and reliability, and carry over to future training endeavors. The class will introduce agility equipment and handling cues as well as develop teamwork and drive. Agility Foundation is to be repeated until the instructor approves a move to the Agility Skills class.

Agility Skills:

Prerequisite –  instructor’s permission. Put your agility foundation to work and learn important handling and obstacle skills with Frankie Joiris of Speedoggie Performance Dog Training.

Agility Contacts & Weaves:

Prerequisite – Agility Foundation. Running contacts, stopped contacts, “single-step” and “bunny hop” weaves… there are lots of options for how dogs do these obstacles! Perfect your dog’s criteria and obstacle performance for agility contacts and weave poles while building confidence and independence.

Agility (Recreational)

Recreational Agility 1:

agility classes

Sarah’s Dog, Hank, at The Masters Agility Championship at Westminster. Photo Credit: Terri Kieffer – Key4prints

Agility is a fun dog sport that has your dog jumping, tunneling, weaving and more, all the while teaching you and your dog to work as a team. This is a “just for fun” class, but your dog will learn how to handle obstacles safely. If you want to try out agility and increase your dog’s confidence, then this class for you! There’s no pre-requisite and it is appropriate for dogs of all ages & sizes. Obstacles introduced will include jumps, tunnels, tires, weave poles, teeter and more.

Recreational Agility 2:

Prerequisite – Intro to Agility Obstacles or instructor’s permission. Refine your dog’s obstacle performances and learn to connect obstacles together into short sequences. Obstacle sequences, obstacle performance, handling options, jump skills and other challenges will be practiced. Class may be repeated as sequences and challenges are different each time.

Recreational Agility 3:

Prerequisite – At least one round of Recreational Agility 2 and instructor’s permission. Put your handling skills to the test. A variety of sequences will be set up on the training floor to challenge both dog and handler. Class may be repeated as sequences and challenges are different each time.

small dog agility classes

Small Dog Agility class

Puppy Agility:

For puppies up to 8 months with at least one round of “puppy shots.” This class is like taking your puppy to the playground! It is your puppy’s first opportunity to play with agility equipment in a safe, secure environment. Even if you are not planning to pursue Agility with your dog, this is a great way to introduce him to novel stimuli during that critical socialization period. Objects with weird textures, movement and sounds will all be included. Equipment introduced may include bar jump, tire jump, wobble board, pause table, and tunnel. Jump bars are on the floor to avoid stressing puppy joints.

Small Dog Agility:

Without having to worry about the large stride of big dogs, several obstacles can be set up at one time. Short sequences are set up and each participant gets several opportunities to run each one. For dogs under 25 lbs.

Agility Fun-Throughs:

Pre-requisite – You must either a) already be enrolled in private agility lessons with Amanda, Frankie, or Sarah and at an intermediate+ level;  b) have completed at least 2 rounds of Agility Foundations;  c) have completed at least 1 round of Agility Skills;  d) have completed at least 1 round of Recreational Agility 2.You’ve done the work, now test your skills! This class is run as a mock trial. Teams have 5 minutes to walk courses and 2 minutes on the course, to run and work on whatever skills you want. Dogs & handlers will wait their turn in the kitchen, so please bring a carrier/crate for your dog or make use of one of ours. There will be up to 4 different courses.

Classes are held at the Brooklyn Dog Training Center, 10 Whitwell Place