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dog agility classes

Photo Credit: Terri Kieffer – Key4prints

Intro to Agility:

Agility is a fun dog sport that has your dog jumping, tunneling, weaving and more, all the while teaching you and your dog to work as a team. This is a “just for fun” class, but your dog will learn how to handle obstacles safely. If you want to try out agility and increase your dog’s confidence, then this class for you! There’s no pre-requisite and it is appropriate for dogs of all ages & sizes. Obstacles introduced will include jumps, tunnels, tires, weave poles, teeter and more.

*If your dog is reactive, please schedule a private evaluation before signing up for a group class.

Agility 2:

Prerequisite – Intro to Agility or instructor’s permission. Refine your dog’s obstacle performances and learn to connect obstacles together into short sequences. Obstacle small dog agility classessequences, obstacle performance, handling options, jump skills and other challenges will be practiced. Class may be repeated as sequences and challenges are different each time.

Agility 3:

Prerequisite – At least one round of Agility 2 and instructor’s permission. Put your handling skills to the test. A variety of sequences will be set up on the training floor to challenge both dog and handler. Class may be repeated as sequences and challenges are different each time. This class is only offered by special arrangement, please speak to your instructor about scheduling.


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Classes are held at the Brooklyn Dog Training Center, 10 Whitwell Place