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#RoadtoRally Wrap Up

As reported last month, Sarah, Kate & Amanda were preparing for their first Rally Obedience trial. How did they do? We are thrilled to report that the trainers & their dogs did very well. Here are each of their reflections on the day: Amanda – Lucy and I had a great experience on the #RoadtoRally. Training forRead more

Kate’s #RoadToRally

Batman is my irritable, impatient 13-or-so-year-old Chihuahua mix… not exactly the kind of dog who’d be interested in agility or any other canine sport. Though he’s been “helping” me with group and private lessons for a long time, I never considered doing anything competitive with him. But a year ago we took a Rally classRead more

Sarah’s #RoadtoRally

Hank and I have been competing together, mostly in agility, for six years. He’s going to be nine this winter and he is definitely slowing down. Hank also gets much less one-on-one time with me and Fever occupies most of my training time. But when Hank does get to work with me, he still lovesRead more

Follow our #RoadToRally

The Doggie Academy trainers have committed to competing in their first Rally Obedience trial at the end of October and will be posting about the experience in our new blog series #RoadtoRally. You may be asking yourself, “Rally Obedience?! What is that?” Rally Obedience, or Rally-O as it is called by enthusiasts, combines aspects of traditional obedienceRead more


It is Hank’s least favorite time of year. The sound of fireworks turn him in to a quivering puddle. The poor guy really melts down and it is sad to see. Many of you also have dogs that suffer from a fear of fireworks, or kovtapyroergasoiphobia. If you do, make sure you have a planRead more

Fit Fido

I have been neglecting Hank’s training since I’ve been primarily focused on Fever’s foundation this Winter. It is clear he’s not as strong as usual and I know the agility trial this weekend was tough for him. At 8 years old, it’s not as easy getting around a course with that big body as itRead more

Check Out Sarah on Good Morning America

View image | Doggie Academy owner Sarah was on Good Morning America recently as a commentator for the Paw-lympics, the ultimate dog competition. It was a heated battle between two terrific stunt dogs: Bella and Pickles. Tricks included pushing a shopping cart, riding a scooter and tight rope walking, Want to see who won?Read more

Off Leash and Under Control?

FIDO in Prospect Park recently sent out this note, reminding dog owners of off leash regulations in Prospect Park and the potential repercussions of disobeying them. Those repercussions include possible suspension of off leash privileges. Though I am not a morning person and do not take advantage of off leash hours often, I thoroughly appreciateRead more