Puppy Preparation & Dog Selection

Puppy Preparation & Dog Selection

If you are considering adding a dog or puppy to your home, Doggie Academy can help with the process.

  • Puppy vs. adult dog

    nyc puppy

    Jimmy’s post-training nap

  • Breed selection
  • Breeder research
  • Rescue recommendations
  • Temperament guidance

Once you know your dog is coming home, we can help you prepare so you are both set up for success from the start. Bringing a dog or puppy home in New York City is unlike any other environment so our “What to expect when you’re expecting… an NYC puppy” can be very helpful.

  • To crate or not to crate
  • Daily schedule to optimize house and other training
  • Toy, leash walking equipment and feeding recommendations
  • Care provider referrals
  • Do’s and don’ts for puppies or new dogs
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