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Hank vs. Drinking

Vinny, Damien and I took Hank to a bar for the first time last night. We went to The Gate, which is dog friendly and has a terrific side patio. The weather was perfect, warm but with a cool breeze. The bar wasn’t too crowded so we were able to sprawl out and talk withoutRead more

Another Dog Hero

This time, a German Shepard trained by Paws for a Cause saved his owners life. Rover, call me an ambulance – dog calls 911 By AMANDA LEE MYERS – 19 hours ago PHOENIX (AP) — “Man’s best friend” doesn’t go far enough for Buddy — a German shepherd who remembered his training and saved hisRead more

Lexi the Hero

I love these stories. A Bichon Frise in Bay Ridge named Lexi, stubbornly pulled her owner to their neighbor’s front door. Thanks to Lexi, the elderly neighbor, who had fallen hours earlier and was in need of assistance, was found and taken to the hospital. Read the whole story here. These stories always remind meRead more

Big Boy

It’s official! Hank has exceeded the 50 lb mark. As of yesterday, he weighs a whopping 52 lbs. Not bad considering he was a gaunt 36 lbs a month and a half ago. And, he still has quite a bit of filling out to do!

My Soft Pooch

By most standards, Hank’s fur is exactly like a normal Lab’s. It looks just like Lab fur and it certainly repels water (he dries quicker than I do after swimming!). When we first brought him home, it was also pretty coarse. Labs are not typically known for having really soft fur, but Dr. V feltRead more

DogTown Premiere

Just in case you’re not aware, The National Geographic Channel is airing the premier episode of DogTown tonight. The episode features four of the dogs rescued from Micheal Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels. This might just be a new series addition to my DVR. I hope it’s as good as it looks.

The Good Dog Foundation

As many of you know, Charleston and I were a therapy team for The Good Dog Foundation. The Trainer/Coordinator for Brooklyn & Queens, Annie Angell, has sent me her sympathies and recently said this in a Good Dog newsletter: Before I get into the Good Dog news I want to extend Good Dog’s deepest sympathiesRead more

Important Dog Toy Recall

After a brave dog owner blogged about his dog’s injuries due to a popular toy, Four Paws has issued a safety recall on it’s Rough & Rugged Pimple Ball with Bell. If your dog has this toy take it away from him immediately. I encourage you to check out Chai’s story. It’s heartbreaking, but atRead more

Hank vs. Pigeons

This is one battle that I hope the pigeons will win. It is definite. My puppy is bird obsessed. While waiting for the car to fail inspection, Hank and I took a walk to a small public park. No dog run, just hanging out on a bench enjoying the weather and watching the world goRead more

SNIF Tags at Pet Fashion Week

Anya at SNIF Labs pointed out that they participated in this year’s Pet Fashion Week to show off the SNIF Tags. The SNIF Tag is a stylish accessory that tracks your dog’s activity and allows you to remotely monitor what your four-legged companion is doing. It also has a built in social-networking functionality that logsRead more