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Greatest American Dog

Is anyone else watching “Greatest American Dog”? I missed the first episode, but caught this week’s. I felt such a sense of relief when Elan was eliminated. Judge Victoria Stillwell correctly pointed out that she was stressing out Kenji, and she stressed me out too. Just watching her behave that way with her dog wasRead more

No Duke?

We had a meeting all set up to meet Duke, the handsome yellow Lab from a rescue group, on Sunday. I’ve been so excited, leaving his petfinder ad up on my computer all the time just so I could look at it. Well, this morning I got an e-mail canceling our meeting. It seems thatRead more

New Dog?

Vinny and I have been casually searching for what we’ve dubbed “New Dog.” I have been scouring Petfinder, have been to a couple of shelters and talked to some breeders. I’ve seen some great puppies and dogs, but none that pulled at my heartstrings. There was a gorgeous purebred German Shepard puppy, super sweet PitRead more

More Ridiculousness

My friend Ted pointed me in the direction of Bee Dogs today (I’m not sure he wants to take credit for it though). I had no idea what he was talking about because he just kept saying B Dogs, B Dogs. I finally found what he was talking about and lo and behold, the siteRead more

Doga Update

Bid-a-wee has Doga classes in Westhampton this summer. Here’s the flyer: If you make it to a class, let me know what you think!

Top 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Vinny sent me this link about the top most affectionate dog breeds since we are going to be getting another dog. It doesn’t have much in the way of new or surprising information, but it is a good read for someone that considers affection to be a top priority in a dog (which I do).Read more

Tomorrow’s the Day

I’ve made Charleston’s appointment to be euthanized. We are taking him in tomorrow afternoon. I know it’s time because he’s miserable but I have moments where I try to convince myself that we don’t have to do it yet. “He ate a full meal today, maybe he’s not as bad as I thought.” “He’s actingRead more

Tasks to Avoid

Number one on my list of tasks to avoid is euthanizing my dog. Here’s where I’m at with it: in my head I know it needs to be done. I know that I will never be ready so I just need to do it. However, I also have to make sure that I do itRead more

Getting on near the end

I consulted with our terrific vet, Dr. Vinitsky, today about Charleston’s current state. She pretty much confirmed what I had been thinking… we’re getting very close to the end. It’s been more and more difficult to get him to eat lately. Typically, we won’t eat (or eats very little) all day. Then, in the eveningRead more

Would you clone your dog?

Thanks to my pals at NYC Sniff, I was turned on to an article about a Japanese man that cloned his dog. The Labrador Retriever named Marine is the star pooch at a Cancer Sniffing Dog training center but is unable to reproduce. The article is very interesting, and from there I found a SanRead more