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My Dog Hates Bugs… Does Yours?

Hank & I had a wonderful time at Camp Gone to the Dogs and are excited to be working at Fall Camp as well. One thing Hank did not enjoy, though, was the bugs. He has been mildly afraid of bugs since having the bejesus scared out of him while watching a horror film onRead more

Hank vs. Fetch

Hank has never been very good at the game of Fetch. He’s not one of those dogs that’s obsessed with balls, he’s much more interested in the game of chase. If you follow my blog, you may have seen his how-to video on the subject. As for Fetch, his style has been to chase afterRead more

Hank vs. Anal Sacs

Do you express your dog’s anal sacs? Did you even know that your dog has anal sacs and that they might need to be expressed? The canine anal sacs are two organs around the anus that secrete small amounts of fluid that has a smell specific to your dog. The liquid is secreted during aRead more

Norwegian Elkhound Sweaters?

I was reading this month’s issue of Dog World Magazine and it has a feature story on the Norwegian Elkhound breed. It was interesting reading about the ways they are used to hunt large game in Norway. Did you know that in order for a Norwegian Elkhound to be a Champion in Norway, it mustRead more

Bank Card Bonus

When HSBC changed the terms of my checking account after over 10 years and started charging fees they didn’t charge before, I looked for a new bank. I found one in Capital One where I’m actually accruing points for banking as normal. The best part though is my new debit card!!

A Blog for Dog Nerds Everywhere

My good friend (and fellow agility student), Kirby, has a new blog geared for people who love dogs and dog training: Dog.Nerd.101. If that describes you, I highly recommend you follow her blog! Kirby is an avid dog agility participant with her super sweet Bichon Frise, Sophia. She is also a psychologist and student ofRead more

Hank vs. The Heat

With the extreme heatwave we’ve had recently, exercising Hank has been an extra challenge. It’s been too hot to do much of anything outside but I still have to keep the big man busy. There are a handful of dog toys out there that involve ice to keep cool. We have a Chilly Bone, butRead more

Shop & Help Shelter Dogs

Did you know that just by shopping you can help a local animal shelter? Simply shop at some of your favorite online retailers (like Barnes and Nobel, Petco, Target, Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, Gap and more) through iGive and a portion of your purchase will be donated by the retailer to Waggy Tail Rescue! How easy isRead more