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Worst Dad Ever?

I’m not sure if this guy is the worst Dad in the world, or just a really weak man in a bad position. Read his Craigslist ad and tell me what you think. Actor needed for emotional role � One day high pay Date: 2009-04-17, 12:52PM EDT My deceased aunt gave my two kids aRead more

Summer Snow Anniversary

Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of our summer snow party with Charleston. In honor of his memory I’m re-posting this. We did it! We got 600 lbs of crushed ice for Charleston. To catch you up, our 5 year Lab, Charleston, has an inoperable tumor called a Fibrosarcoma in his mouth. He will likelyRead more

Last Weekend’s Seminar

My apologies to those of you that tried to reach me this weekend (or tried to schedule an appointment). I was attending a 3 day seminar with the preeminent Animal Behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar and Dr. Nicholas Dodman of Tufts University, one of the top Veterinary Behaviorists. It was time intensive and a terrific opportunityRead more

Sample Sale… For Dogs!!

I thought some of you might be interested in this New York Dog Sample Sale. Hank’s too big for a carrier, to rough and tumble for a coat and still chews any bed I get for him so we will not be attending. Oh well, maybe when I’m allowed to get a second dog I’llRead more

My Outtakes

I have finally gotten around to have my photo taken for the Biscuits & Bath website. It was not an easy task since I am fairly camera shy and very critical of every photo of me ever. But my sister was visiting this weekend and she’s got a pretty good eye for photography so IRead more

Upside Down Dogs

This may fall into the same category as the awful Lolcats, but something about it works for me. It’s Upside Down Dogs. That’s all it is, just photos of dogs in the upside down position. Maybe it works for me because months ago, I also took a photo of my own dog when he wasRead more

“Bad Dog” Photo Contest

Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is hosting a “Bad Dog” Contest. Does your dog chew shoes, tear up the house when you’re gone and/or destroy everything in its path? Perhaps your pup is a whirling dervish of terror? If so, take a photo of your dog’s ‘bad behavior’ and enter this photo contest. To enter, visitRead more

Faces Photo Contest

Our friend (and photographer) Ixiana Hernandez of Petographs is participating in the 2009 Faces Photo Contest. She is obviously competing in the Animal Portraits category. Here is her entry: Click here to vote for Ixiana. You will need to register a valid e-mail to vote. She’s an amazingly talented photographer so let’s help her win!!