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Proposed Pit Bull Ban in Oregon

I do not think I have come out and said it here, though you may have guessed, that I am not a person that believes that all Pit Bulls are dangerous. I have known many Pits and Pit mixes that are lovely pets and a few have stolen my heart. Breed specific legislature is popularRead more

Spread the Love for Black Dogs

Did you know that black dogs are the toughest color dog to adopt out? They are often the last dogs to be adopted and frequently euthanized. As a black dog adopter and lover, I wanted to promote a book by writer and photographer Pam Townsend called Black is Beautiful: A Celebration of Dark Dogs. Plus,Read more

V-day for Doggies

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’m sure many of you are itching to show your pets how much you love them. I scoured Etsy and these are some ideas that I thought were fun. This collar from GreytEscape is simple and pretty. I would put Hank in this in a second.This collar from classichound isRead more

Westminster on the Horizon

The famed Westminster Kennel Club dog show will be held next Monday and Tuesday, February 9th and 10th at Madison Square Garden. I do not think I will be attending the show this year, but will probably watch some of it on television. After years of wishing I could go (but having to work), IRead more

AAB Ladies Gone to the Dogs

My good friends Mayra Castillo and Xochitl Gonzalez are awesome wedding planners and run a company called Always a Bridesmaid. They also have an amazing (and award-winning) blog, Always a Blogsmaid. What does this have to do with dogs, you ask? Well, they have a recent post about wedding attire for dogs that is totallyRead more

Labs are No. 1 in NYC and the USA!!

The AKC released 2008’s most popular dog breeds in the country. Once again, Labrador Retrievers came in first place. Hank is honored. As much as I usually like the offbeat or different, I can’t help but adore this popular breed. They also released the statistics for various U.S. cities and, again, the Lab won inRead more

Washington Post Article Causes a Stir

Hal Herzog, a professor of psychology at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, N.C. who has studied societal attitudes and behavior toward animals for more than 20 years, published an article in yesterday’s Washington Post urging President Obama to adopt a dog from a shelter in the South. His piece was not exactly hard hitting news,Read more

England To Ban Clothes For Dogs?

This is an article from about the lengths people are going to these days to dress their dogs. Dog owners who dress up their pets could face prosecution By Daily Mail Reporter The RSPCA is threatening legal action against dog owners who ‘over-dress’ their pets. Officials claim that putting on items such as boots, all-in-oneRead more