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Hank vs. Thunder

I’ve had several dogs that have had thunder phobias and I hear about it from clients all the time. Charleston developed a relatively mild phobia at about 3 years old and he would be very clingy and alert during storms. Magic’s phobia got worse as she got older so that by the time she wasRead more

What Is Hank?

Since Hank is a rescue, we really have no way of knowing how big he will grow or even what he will look like. The rescue group assumed he’s an American bred Labrador Retriever. He very well may be, but who knows? What breed(s) do you think he might be? Some people have said hisRead more

House Training Is Not Just For Houses

On Saturday, I took Hank to a dog training seminar by Pia Silvani and was very impressed by how well behaved he was around all of the other trainers and their dogs. The seminar (which was terrific) ran late so I had to rush home as I was expecting guests and wanted to pick upRead more

Hank vs. The Dog Run

Vinny took Hank to the dog run for the first time on Sunday while I was working. Apparently, Hank was so afraid in there that he was literally climbing the walls to get out. Needless to say they did not stay very long. Seeing as how he’d been a street dog, had a companion duringRead more

Hank Goes Swimming

I took Hank upstate to meet my folks this weekend and we took him for a walk in the woods to the lake. He had a fantastic time! I took off his leash when we got to the water (not the most responsible thing, I know, but just as I expected he never went tooRead more

Hank vs. Roomba

We have a Roomba, one of those robot vacuums. Charleston HATED it. In our old apartment with the old model, he actually learned how to turn the Roomba off. In the new apartment with the new model that has smaller, oddly shaped buttons he would just hide upstairs whenever we ran it. All of thisRead more

Brooklyn Dogs vs. Kids

There’s a thread going on an the Brooklynian message boards about a woman who was yelled at by a mother for allowing her dogs in a water sprinkler in a local park. The mother’s point: she did not want her kids playing in water that filthy dogs had been in. The dog owner’s point: herRead more

The Search Continues

I realized today that I’m really really ready for a puppy. I still get super sad when I think about Charleston, but I’m ready to accept a new puppy with a different personality and challenges. So, I ramped up my search and sent several applications to several rescue groups. Currently I am scheduled to meetRead more

Love This Video

A colleague of mine sent this video around yesterday. It’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve seen all year.

Charleston’s First Snow

When my computer hard drive crashed last fall I thought I lost my video clips of Charleston’s first snow day. While searching my old backup disks for totally unrelated photos, I stumbled on all my old Charlie photos and videos!!! You’ve seen Charlie in the snow we gave him, now check out our motivation forRead more