My Outtakes

I have finally gotten around to have my photo taken for the Biscuits & Bath website. It was not an easy task since I am fairly camera shy and very critical of every photo of me ever. But my sister was visiting this weekend and she’s got a pretty good eye for photography so I bit the bullet.

I knew I wanted an outdoor shot (my apartment would not be much in the way of a background) and I thought something kind of urban looking would be cool. After all, urban dog training is a pretty different animal. Even though the weather was pretty weird this weekend, we managed to find a short window of time when the sun was shining (and my hair was acceptable). I settled on my neighbor’s roll gate as a backdrop because the sun was only on that side of the street.

I’m satisfied with the results (you’ll have to check the B&B website to see the final selection), but I thought it would be fun to share the shots that did not make the cut. Clearly Hank was not as intent as getting a good shot as I was!

If only his eyes were open!

The camera’s the other way!


Um, hello?

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