Is Your Dog Your Best Man? Maid of Honor?

Are you thinking about having your dog in your wedding party like this couple in England? Call me to help brush up on his/her aisle walking skills!

Groom picks dog as his best man

A groom stunned guests by having man’s best friend as his best man.

David Harding, 32, picked his pet springer spaniel Frank because he did not want to offend his friends by choosing between them.

He dressed his 18 month-old ‘best mate’ in a tuxedo collar and hat.

‘My friends were quite surprised,’ said Mr Harding.

He married wife Michelle, 32, at a church in Northam, Devon.

Michelle said: “Frank is a big part of our family and we wanted to ‘include him in our wedding.

“Before the wedding we took him to the church to make sure he was alright there and asked the reverend who said he didn’t mind at all – I even noticed he had put a dog bowl out.

“He was as good as gold on the day, super quiet, he way wonderful.”

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