We Met An Actual Famous Dog

I know I promised more photos from the SPCA of Westchester walk-a-thon and they’ve been slow in coming. However, this might be one of the most exciting photos from the day. We got a visit from Missy, star of tv and print ads. You might recognize her as the face of the current ASPCA ad campaign, as well as the “stupid dawg” that wins the Lottery and runs away from home! She’s a real sweatheart and what a great face! Her mom and I tried to get a photo of Missy & Charleston together, but Charlie has a tough time getting photographed. Oh well. Missy, however is very photogenic and her mom showed me her headshots. That day however, Missy was more interested in our Tennis Tails so her mom bought one for her, lucky dog. Another reason that day was so much fun… meeting famous dogs!

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