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We Love You Bill & Star!

It’s getting really tough on America’s Greatest Dog! The dogs and trainers that are left are all likable in their own ways. But it is very sad to have to say goodbye to the lovable team of Bill and Star. Bill & Star have been one of my favorite teams from the very beginning. BillRead more

What Breed Is Right For Your Astrological Sign?

Here’s a goofy little article from MSN. Friends Fur-Ever – Finding Your Perfect Canine Companion Our culture is really going to the dogs these days! More and more pups are showing up in the media, both as playthings of the rich and famous and as the stars of their own reality shows, but loyal petRead more

It’s Pet Fashion Week!

Pet Fashion Week descends upon the city this weekend (it is weird that Pet Fashion Week is only one weekend, but that’s neither here nor there). The events are primarily for retail buyers, but I bet the general public would love to be able to go too. Especially the runway show on Saturday night thatRead more

Top 10 Dog Behavior Myths

Jean Donaldson, Director of the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, has a great article on Yahoo Canada. In it, she debunks the top 10 myths about dog behavior and I think that most of these myths are pervasive among dog owners. This is definitely worth reading. Fairy tales Provided by: Jean Donaldson, DogsRead more

Another Reason To Hate Puppy MIlls

Every time someone buys a dog from a pet store, they are encouraging this sort of business practice: 80 Dogs Killed by Berks County Kennel Owners Shooting of animals was legal under current Pennsylvania law. Two commercial breeders in Pennsylvania put themselves out of the business by shooting 80 dogs at their Berks County kennels,Read more

Hank vs. Thunder

I’ve had several dogs that have had thunder phobias and I hear about it from clients all the time. Charleston developed a relatively mild phobia at about 3 years old and he would be very clingy and alert during storms. Magic’s phobia got worse as she got older so that by the time she wasRead more

What Is Hank?

Since Hank is a rescue, we really have no way of knowing how big he will grow or even what he will look like. The rescue group assumed he’s an American bred Labrador Retriever. He very well may be, but who knows? What breed(s) do you think he might be? Some people have said hisRead more

House Training Is Not Just For Houses

On Saturday, I took Hank to a dog training seminar by Pia Silvani and was very impressed by how well behaved he was around all of the other trainers and their dogs. The seminar (which was terrific) ran late so I had to rush home as I was expecting guests and wanted to pick upRead more