Blog: The Agility Life

Westminster Recap

Hank and I were thrilled to compete at the First Annual Master’s Agility Championship at Westminster this past Saturday. It was a very long day but it was exhilarating. This was our first high pressure trial and I was seriously nervous. I was nervous for my performance, but mostly I was scared about what HankRead more

We All Have Setbacks

I have already told this embarrassing story in some of my classes (and this was previously published in my newsletter). Last week, I drove out to NJ for an agility run-through with Hank. A run-through is sort of a practice trial. You walk the course like you would at a trial, but you are allowedRead more

Recent Agility Run with Hank

Here is video of one the runs from my most recent trial with Hank. It’s a Jumpers with Weaves course, which means that the only obstacles on the course are jumps, tunnels and weave poles. I have found the JWW class to be more challenging than even a standard class because Hank has been aRead more

Our First Blue Ribbon!

Finally, Hank & I were able to compete 2 days in a row. Most trials happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Since I usually teach classes on Saturdays I have been limited to competing one day at a time. However, there was a trial earlier this month that started on a Thursday so I wasRead more

Our First Q!

I am so proud of Hank. This weekend we competed at an AKC trial in New Jersey, only our 3rd day of trialing. I was very nervous about the Jumpers with Weaves course because there was a pinwheel at the opening with lots of challenging angles. Even in Novice, if your dog drops even aRead more

Our First Trial

The day after Thanksgiving, Hank and I embarked on our first ever agility trial. I was super nervous, but thankfully I had three very supportive people there to help me. Vinny came, even though it was probably the most boring day every for him, just to keep me from totally freaking out. My teacher, FrankieRead more