Recent Agility Run with Hank

Here is video of one the runs from my most recent trial with Hank. It’s a Jumpers with Weaves course, which means that the only obstacles on the course are jumps, tunnels and weave poles. I have found the JWW class to be more challenging than even a standard class because Hank has been a habitual bar dropper. Obviously, the possibly of a dropped bar is much higher when there are so many jumps. 

However, in this run Hank was amazing. He did everything exactly the way he was supposed to based on my handling. What made us NQ was 100% my fault. Watch at the end. I planned to rear cross the 2nd to last jump, but I was too far ahead of Hank to do it properly. We got called for a refusal, but still would have Q’d. But watch the last jump closely. Do you see me get defeated and drop my arm? That’s why Hank drops that bar. NQ.

Lesson learned. I’ve made this mistake too many times. I am still proud of this video, though, because of Hank’s performance. That’s my boy!


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