Our First Blue Ribbon!

Finally, Hank & I were able to compete 2 days in a row. Most trials happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Since I usually teach classes on Saturdays I have been limited to competing one day at a time. However, there was a trial earlier this month that started on a Thursday so I was able to compete Thursday & Friday (and still get back in time to teach on Saturday).

The weekend was definitely a learning experience. I learned that I do not like it when runs go from tall to small jump heights. Hank & I do much better when I can walk the course and then spend time preparing Hank (whatever that might mean on any given day) before actually running the course. The second day of this trial ran tall to small and really stressed me out.

However, our Novice Standard run on the first day, while not perfect, earned us First Place!
We had 1 refusal (when Hank sniffed under the table, apparently forgetting that he’s supposed to go on top of it) and his A-frame contact stunk. But there’s some really good stuff in there too, so check it out (and listen to how scared the ladies filming get when Hank is flying over the dog walk and then watch him nail his contact!).

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