Our First Q!

I am so proud of Hank. This weekend we competed at an AKC trial in New Jersey, only our 3rd day of trialing. I was very nervous about the Jumpers with Weaves course because there was a pinwheel at the opening with lots of challenging angles. Even in Novice, if your dog drops even a single jump bar in JWW you will not Q and Hank is a big bar dropper. We’ve been working hard on that and most of it falls on me as the handler. Hank has such a big stride that I need me make sure to give him enough warning that he will be turning so that he can prepare an obstacle or two in advance.

When we finished, I knew it was a nice run but when one of the trial volunteers checked our time and told me that we Q’d I literally jumped up and down. I explained to the volunteer that it was our first Q and she was genuinely happy for me (I have found that, across the board, people at the trials have been very supportive of newbies).

We had to wait around for the results to be finalized and posted, which was a new experience for us. I was busily texting Vinny the whole time so that I could share my good news.

The results were posted and when I looked, I could not believe my eyes. Not only did we Q, but we came in 2nd place!!! Actually, out of the 25 or so dogs in the class only 3 actually Q’d.

My mother asked me if Hank knew that he’d done something special. I make a fuss over him after every run so he always thinks he’s done something special. But I knew, and we have a pretty red rosette to show for it.

Here’s the video:

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