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The Foobler

What on Earth is a Foobler??? The Foobler is an innovative food dispensing toy that is currently in development. What makes it different from other puzzle toys is that it has 6 different spaces to hold food and each space is activated at specified intervals. That means that dogs will have 6 opportunities for funRead more

The Great Rawhide Debate

I was pleased to come across this blog post. It’s written by a veterinarian and says exactly what I tell clients when asked whether or not it’s safe to give rawhide to their dogs. Hi, I’m Doctor Fiona Caldwell, and I’m a veterinarian at Idaho Veterinary Hospital.  I’m answering questions for pet owners today forRead more

Check Out Mr. Chewy

There’s a new pet store out there on the interwebs called While the name is silly, they actually offer pretty great service. On the surface, it might seem like any other online pet store, however the one thing that made me really appreciate them above others is the selection. They carry all the topRead more

My New Love: The Furminator

I have been unsure about what brush would be best for Hank for almost 3 years. The brushes I used for Charleston didn’t seem to do anything other than brush dust of his coat and did nothing for the copious amount of fur Hank sheds. He is so low maintenance as far as grooming goesRead more

The Poop on Poop Bags

I’ve been thinking about poop bags lately. The topic has been on my mind because I bought a pack of PoopEase bags recently… and they are the WORST. I bought them in part because they said they are biodegradable. More like just plain degradable. They literally fall apart before you even use them. Every timeRead more

Pier 6 Dog Run Review

Work has been steadily progressing on the Brooklyn Bridge Park for a long time, and now parts of it are actually open. In addition to all it has to offer for families, kids, bikers and sunbathers, there is also a new dog run in the borough of Brooklyn. At the very end of Atlantic Avenue,Read more

Designer Dog Crate Alternatives

As someone whose dog is still crated at the age of two, I totally relate to anyone who would like a more stylish alternative. The standard, ugly, extra large black wire crate has been taking up a huge part of my kitchen for a year and a half and I’m really sick of it. IRead more