Pier 6 Dog Run Review

Work has been steadily progressing on the Brooklyn Bridge Park for a long time, and now parts of it are actually open. In addition to all it has to offer for families, kids, bikers and sunbathers, there is also a new dog run in the borough of Brooklyn. At the very end of Atlantic Avenue, the Pier 6 Dog Run is open for business!
I am always excited to have a new space to play with dogs. This run is so new (and clean) that the few times I’ve been there, I’ve had the whole place to myself. Since I was working with a client’s dog at those times it was fantastic, like my own personal training ring. It’s circular and there’s some seating around the circle so I almost felt like a lion tamer, except my lion was a super sweet Cockapoo. I’m sure that solitude in the park won’t last long as word gets out that it’s open.
Though I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, there are a couple of major flaws with this dog run. First, there are no garbage cans. That’s a big problem because dogs poop in the dog run. The nearest garbage is outside the run, so that means that you’re either leashing up your dog to go out to throw out poo, leaving your dog in the run unattended while you throw out poo or holding on to poo until you’re ready to leave.
Second, there’s zero shade. I wouldn’t even consider going there on a day like today because on a 100 degree day, the lack of shade and the additional heat coming off of the BQE overpass would make the run unbearable for people and dog alike.
Like I said, I don’t want to complain because I absolutely appreciate all our local dog runs, but I am keeping my hopes up that construction is not 100% complete and that these issues will be addressed.
Once the weather cools, this will be a terrific playground for Brooklyn dogs!

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