Huggable Urn

This made me go “EWWW!”: Huggable Pet Urns.

While trying to find the right urn for Allie, my daughter Sydney would tell me that she missed Allie, so she would have to hug the cardboard box where we kept Allie’s remains.

The urn is made by hand-sewing a pocket in a plushy that resembles your pet or in a personalized pillow. A plastic container with a sealable lid is then slipped inside the pocket. Your pet’s ashes can then be placed inside the plastic container. Depending on the size of your pet and the size of the plushy you choose, it is possible that NOT all of your pet’s ashes will fit into the plushy.

As much as I’ve loved my dogs, I never wanted to keep their remains in a stuffed animal to hug. Is it just me? Do you think this will catch on?

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