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Why Is Handling Your Dog Important?

Handling is a topic that I usually talk about with my puppy clients. I stress the importance of teaching your dog how to tolerate (or even enjoy) being touched all over their bodies, especially in areas that tend to be sensitive. I had a personal experience last week that highlighted why this is such aRead more

Dogs and their Fears

Last night someone set off a series of fireworks on my block. The noise woke Hank and he hurled himself off the bed and right under it. He was stressed out for the rest of the night and spent most of it under the bed. It made me think about the laundry list of thingsRead more

Your Dog Could Pull His Own Weight

Leaving my apartment recently, I met one of my neighbors walking his dog. I’m not usually a meet & greet type of person, but something about what was going on struck me as amazing. He had configured a cart for Jack Russell Terrier, Romeo, out of a Staples shopping basket! Weight pulling is a greatRead more

Hank vs. Bicycle

Hank is a super-high energy dog and I always struggle with keeping up with him. Running with him is not an option for me, since my knees would not hold up. Vinny will occasionally Roller Blade with him (see an earlier post about it here), but I’m not solid on skates. My friend and fellowRead more

Word of Caution on Doggie Prozac

I read an article in The Brooklyn Paper recently, and was appalled by the simplistic approach it took to canine psychopharmacology. The gist of the article was: we had a dog that bit, so we had the idea to give him Prozac, but we had to work to convince our veterinarian, and now he’s cured.Read more

Hank vs. Crate

This post is meant to give hope and encouragement to those of you in the process of crate training your dog. I’ve had a handful of clients lately that have been frustrated and concerned about their dog in his crate. The process can be really challenging, especially when you’re dealing with an older dog thatRead more

Want to Teach Your Dog to Skateboard?

The Woof Report shared this blog and I wanted to share it too. Dr. Sophia Yin blogged about how to teach a dog to ride a skateboard. Not only does she give clear step by step instructions, but I love that her blog is called Leadership without Force. Check it out the skateboarding tips here.Read more