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Tips from a Trainer: My Dog Went Blind

By Kate Naito We all know that vision loss is a normal part of a dog’s aging process. Nevertheless, when I woke up one morning this September to find my dog Batman suddenly blind, both he and I were in a state of total shock. Since then, we’ve both adjusted to his blindness, thanks toRead more

The Great Rawhide Debate

I was pleased to come across this blog post. It’s written by a veterinarian and says exactly what I tell clients when asked whether or not it’s safe to give rawhide to their dogs. Hi, I’m Doctor Fiona Caldwell, and I’m a veterinarian at Idaho Veterinary Hospital.  I’m answering questions for pet owners today forRead more

Loose Leash Walking Video Tutorial

This video on loose leash walking was put together by an agility instructor but it is almost exactly the same way I teach loose leash walking, when using a flat collar, for our urban dogs. It’s a great video and a brilliant way to work on attention on leash. Even if you use another walkingRead more

We All Have Setbacks

I have already told this embarrassing story in some of my classes (and this was previously published in my newsletter). Last week, I drove out to NJ for an agility run-through with Hank. A run-through is sort of a practice trial. You walk the course like you would at a trial, but you are allowedRead more

Helpful Tip for Rewarding Behaviors

Many behavior modification plans require high value rewards. Likewise, training difficult behaviors or training in distracting environments also require a big payday for your dog. For most dogs, that means amazing food. Generally, the stinkier, the more gooey, the better. The problem with that is that it can be difficult for the person to manageRead more

Consider the Source

As dog and/or puppy owners, I am sure you have noticed that absolutely everyone wants to give you their two cents about your pet. Well-meaning neighbors, dog park buddies and random passersby all offer you solutions for training, behavior, health, grooming… you name it! These well-intentioned opinions are all different and will often contradict eachRead more