Hank vs. Crate

This post is meant to give hope and encouragement to those of you in the process of crate training your dog.

I’ve had a handful of clients lately that have been frustrated and concerned about their dog in his crate. The process can be really challenging, especially when you’re dealing with an older dog that has no prior crate experience. However, I’m here to tell you that it takes time, patience and consistency to get your dog to the point where not only does he accept being in his crate, but also enjoys being in there. It will happen, do not give up!

When I first adopted Hank, he hated his crate. He whined, cried and barked in it so much that I had to sleep in the living room for the first handful of nights he was with us just keep him calm calm enough that our landlord wouldn’t evict us.

This is Hank today:

Notice the open door of the crate. Vinny & I were watching the Yankee game and Hank just put himself to bed.

So keep up the good work guys, it will be worth it!

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