Your Dog Could Pull His Own Weight

Leaving my apartment recently, I met one of my neighbors walking his dog. I’m not usually a meet & greet type of person, but something about what was going on struck me as amazing. He had configured a cart for Jack Russell Terrier, Romeo, out of a Staples shopping basket!

Weight pulling is a great sport/activity for dogs to participate in, channeling their energy into something positive. Sue Sternberg runs a program called Lug Nuts to teach dog owners in urban areas the game of weight pulling as an alternative to dog fighting.
However, I had never seen someone go to such creative lengths to create a positive challenge for their dog. The front wheels pivoted and there was even a bike chain inside to add weight. Those of you that know/own/love JRTs, know that they are little dogs with big energy, and this is a wonderful way to expend that energy.
Romeo was so proud of pulling that cart, he absolutely pranced around me to show it off!