Consider the Source

As dog and/or puppy owners, I am sure you have noticed that absolutely everyone wants to give you their two cents about your pet. Well-meaning neighbors, dog park buddies and random passersby all offer you solutions for training, behavior, health, grooming… you name it!

These well-intentioned opinions are all different and will often contradict each other. You might be having a difficult time making sense of all you’ve heard, even from professionals.

Well here’s my advice. Always take into account the source of these tips. Did the person telling you to buy a special puppy vitamin supplement study canine nutrition… or does he want to sell you more dog food? Did your neighbor tell you that kneeing a dog in the head will curb his jumping… because he saw it on TV?

As a trainer, you will not find me offering advice on topics that are not within my purview. If I do, it is always followed up with, “… check with your [insert pet professional here].” For example: “Your dog’s head shaking could be due to an ear infection… check with your veterinarian” or “I’m not sure it’s a good idea to shave your dog for the summer… check with your groomer.”

If you do not have specific pet professional that you like, I will be happy to offer you a referral.

In summary, when it comes to taking advice about your dog always ask yourself “What qualifications does this person have in regards to [insert topic here]?” If the answer is none whatsoever then just smile, nod and say “Thank you.”

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