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Say Yes to the Vet!

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting Casey Coughlin of Inspiration Canine in September for a very important seminar: Say Yes to the Vet. Does your dog hide when you pick up the nail clippers or ear cleaning solution? Do you struggle with bringing your dog to the vet? Perhaps you have a newRead more

Rally FrEe Workshop on March 10th

What on Earth is Rally FrEe? Rally FrEe is a unique dog sport combining the trick behaviors of Canine Musical Freestyle with the format of Rally Obedience. In Rally FrEe, dog/handler teams move through a course of 15 stations, performing tricks and freestyle moves like spin, around, back, weave and bow with points awarded forRead more

#RoadtoRally Wrap Up

As reported last month, Sarah, Kate & Amanda were preparing for their first Rally Obedience trial. How did they do? We are thrilled to report that the trainers & their dogs did very well. Here are each of their reflections on the day: Amanda – Lucy and I had a great experience on the #RoadtoRally. Training forRead more

#RoadToRally Update

Our first Rally Obedience trial is this Saturday! With crazy schedules, we have not all been able to practice together very often. But we have trained individually and will try to “cram” sometime this week. Everyone is going in with a good attitude. None of us have any real Rally experience so we have hadRead more