Puppy Hank

I think once a puppy becomes a dog we forget just how difficult it is to have a puppy. See, it’s tough for trainers too!

Don’t get me wrong, Hank is terrific. He is always joyous and interested in everything. All of his “puppy-isms” are totally normal and rooted in curiosity. Here he is investigating the kitchen counter (I got him down right after I took the photo & no, those wine glasses are not all mine!).

2 Responses to “Puppy Hank”

  1. I know, right? I think about it all the time when we talk about getting Oscar a brother….so cute, but so much work!!

    Hank is such a cutie! (But of course we want to know what was wrong with the name Oscar?!?!)


  2. There’s nothing wrong with the name Oscar at all. We just didn’t think it suited him. The name we had picked out before we got him didn’t suit him either so we had to brainstorm for 2 days before choosing Hank.