What is a Flirt Pole?

Flirt PoleIf you are looking for an easy way to exercise your high energy dog, you might want to
consider investing in a flirt pole. Flirt poles extend your reach so that getting a dog to chase a toy means more running for him and less for you. More dog work, less person work? Does it get any better? It does.

Flirt poles are also an excellent way to practice impulse control. Typically a dog will get highly aroused during the flirt play. Interrupt the play and practice calm, controlled behaviors such as Down, Leave it and Stay. When these behaviors cause the game to start again, you will begin to have a dog that can self regulate between high drive and calm.

Watch this video to see a flirt pole in action.

The video shows a lunge whip for horses used as a flirt pole. There are also several products specifically made for this purpose. My favorite so far is from Squishy Face Studios. It is lightweight, but sturdy and easy on the hands.

It’s training and play, all at once!

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