Khrista Rypl – Dog Trainer

Khrista Rypl joined the Brooklyn Dog Training Center in 2023 through the apprenticeship program. She became interested in training dogs after rescuing her first dog, Anchovy, in 2019 and realizing he had a host of behavioral problems. She worked with a number of trainers at Doggie Academy to use positive reinforcement training to help Ancho become a more confident, joyful dog, and discovered that she loves animal training in the process. Ancho has a novice trick title with AKC, and he is currently working towards his intermediate title. Khrista’s training philosophy has been shaped by her work with Sarah Westcott, Kate Naito, and Lizzie Marks, and the work of Patricia McConnell and Karen Pryor.

One of the most transformative activities that Ancho introduced Khrista to was canine agility which she studies under Sarah Westcott. The sport helped strengthen her relationship with Ancho and build his confidence, while also bringing a huge dose of fun to their training. Khrista is excited to introduce more people and dogs to agility training, and also hopes to work towards a behavior consultant certification.

When Khrista isn’t working with dogs, she is a journalist and podcast producer based in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared on many local and national outlets including WNYC, American Public Media, Bloomberg Media, Wondery, Gimlet, The Atlantic, ESPN, and Crooked Media.

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