Welcome Frankie Joiris to the BDTC!

Frankie Joiris of Speedoggie will be teaching classes and private lessons in agility, obedience and fitness on Thursdays at the new Brooklyn Dog Training Center location starting in February.

If your goal is to be competitive in agility or obedience, then her classes are a must. And if you have no interest in competition, her classes are a fun and stimulating way to challenge your dog. Skills learned in class will transfer to your relationship outside of class and improve your dog’s attention and reliability.


Frankie Joiris started teaching pet and competitive obedience professionally at the in 1976 and started training animal actors, including dogs, birds, cats, turtles and rodents, shortly thereafter. She has titled dogs in obedience, conformation, hunting, earthdog, tracking, lure coursing, rally and agility. Her Norfolk Terrier, Stamp, was the first Champion MACH in the breed. He was #1 or #2 Norfolk Terrier in agility his entire career and received numerous awards from the breed’s parent club. Now, as part of Speedoggie Performance Dog Training, she is a full time agility instructor and coach.

She specializes in motivating the ‘hard to motivate’ dogs, as well as trick training. Frankie has successfully coached numerous private students helping them overcome motivational issues on both ends of the leash. She studies and utilizes the best methods possible for each dog and handler team because no two teams are alike as training needs to be individually tailored. She and her students have qualified multiple times for National and Invitational events.

Her style of training is eclectic and conversational and is focused on an individual approach to each animal. Frankie is a popular instructor since she works with and excels at training non-traditional performance breeds using many nontraditional methods. In addition to the BDTC, she teaches at several locations throughout New Jersey and at Camp Gone to the Dogs in Vermont. In addition to group classes, Frankie coaches private students, both in person and via video across the country and across the globe, from California to Australia.

She writes on the subject of animal training for several publications, including Clean Run, American Animal Trainer, Pet Bird Report and Companion Parrot Quarterly.

Frankie’s first round of classes begin February 5th and are open now for registration online.

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