Sunset Park Seminars

Recently I was contacted by a group of dog owners in Sunset Park to do a series of group lessons based on the dogs’ behavior in the park. At the top of their list of concerns was working on recalls since the dogs would not come when called once the leash came off.

Of course, being in the park is very distracting for all dogs so we have our work cut out for us, but the seminars have been a lot of fun and the dogs and owners in attendance are terrific. A special shout out goes to Su Su this week for being such a super star when it comes to eye contact!

We meet in Sunset Park one a week during morning off-leash hours. If you would like to join us, e-mail me directly and I will invite you to our Yahoo Group.

One Response to “Sunset Park Seminars”

  1. Anonymous

    I recommend the classes! It’s a small group and working in the park helps because we get to work in a real-world situation.

    -Alice (and Boots)