Snow in June?

We did it! We got 600 lbs of crushed ice for Charleston.

To catch you up, our 5 year Lab, Charleston, has an inoperable tumor called a Fibrosarcoma in his mouth. He will likely not live through the summer so we have been doing everything we can think of (thanks to everyone that has contributed ideas so far) to spoil him rotten and make his last weeks as fun and comfortable as possible.

So, one of Charleston’s favorite things ever is snow. Since he won’t be around for winter, Vinny had over 600 lbs of crushed ice delivered by the good people at Tullo Ice (who threw in a bag for free) in an attempt to mimic snow for him. Of course the day we planned to do it turned out to be the hottest day of the year, but it was still super fun.

It worked better than we could have imagined. Check it out:

Video courtesy of Snow Route, Inc.

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5 Responses to “Snow in June?”

  1. This is so sweet, I can’t even stand it. I’m so glad you’re taking the time and effort to do all you can for Charleston. It speaks volumes of you as human beings. Thank you very much for posting this. – John

  2. Rebecca

    Seriously the most wonderful thing I have ever seen!

  3. Anonymous

    Sarah, you’re a rock star for doing that! Put a huge smile on my face and warm fuzzies in my heart. What a lucky boy! 🙂 Melissa (B&B)

  4. Anonymous

    This is such a wonderful thing for you to do. Seeing Charleston playing in the snow brought tears to my eyes. Thank you to Rebecca and Melody for sharing this with us all.