G’Nite Charleston

I have to look at the positives in this situation (even though it’s tough). Charleston passed peacefully and he is no longer suffering.

He left me the same way he entered my life… with his head in my lap. I don’t think I’ve told that story here, so here’s a brief re-cap. When he was brought in to meet me at the Humane Society he busted out the door, ran over to me and put his head in my lap. I was sold right there. So, it meant the world to me that he buried his head in my lap once again on Saturday.

I posted awhile ago about the (crazy) idea of trying to clone Charleston. Part of that, I’m sure, was a manifestation of my grief. While I’m not morally opposed to it, ultimately it made no sense for us to try. Besides, Charlie’s genes were clearly not the most sound in terms of physical health.

Now I am asked all the time if I will get another dog. Of course I will! I’ve always had dogs and I hope I always do. And puppies are great medicine. I don’t know when we’ll get another dog, or what kind of dog it will be, or where s/he will come from. But I do know that “new dog” has got some pretty big paws to fill.

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  1. Anonymous

    Charlie was a wonderful, beautiful dog. Jose and I have been thinking of you all during this difficult time. All my love, Marge