Bingo Needs A Home

This came in over the weekend from our good friends at Monster Mutt:

BINGO is a 5 year old American Eskimo Dog. She is female, spayed, fully vaccinated & in excellent health. She is friendly, happy, super sweet & the perfect size for a Brooklyn or NY apartment. She loves people & dogs alike & she deserves a wonderful FOREVER HOME.

Bingo belonged to a grandmother in Spanish Harlem. The grandmother died & her granddaughter took Bingo. Bingo got pyometria and almost died. The granddaughter reached out to the wonderful people at Mayor’s Alliance of NYC for financial help, which she received.

The Vet put a Band-Aid on Bingo where the catheter was. The people were given the instruction to take Band-Aid off after 3 days. They tried, but it was pulling Bingo’s hair so he wouldn’t sit still. So the Band-Aid was left on for a whole month.

Then they took Bingo the a Vet Emergency room, who called the Mayor’s Alliance saying the Band-Aid had cut through skin all the way down to the bone and they might have to amputate Bingo’s leg.

Luckily that didn’t happen and they did surgery to repair the damage.

The Mayor’s Alliance convinced the girl to surrender Bingo and let her be re-homed.

Now she is living at Monster Mutt, with really nice dogs to play with and nice people to

pet her, but she really needs her very own FOREVER HOME.

Please come visit BINGO at:

Monster Mutt LLC, 297 Warren Street, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, 718-858-9028

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