Casting Call!

The following is a casting notice. They are looking for families that are looking to adopt a great dog! If you’re interested, e-mail Matt ASAP.

From: Matt Sharp []
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 8:29 PM
To: Matt Sharp
Subject: Who wants a dog!!

Hello all! I’m currently producing a series for Animal Planet called “Under Dog to Wonder Dog” that premieres this coming January. It’s a feel good series that follows a team of dog experts (a rescuer, trainer, groomer and yes, even a CANINE CARPENTER!) as they rescue stray, abandoned, well-deserving pooches and give them a second chance at life. Think EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER for dogs. Each episode follows one dog’s journey from the streets to an eventual loving home. Along the way, our dogs will receive the best medical attention, training, grooming and pampering available from our team to prepare them for their new families/owners.

I’m currently casting potential families/adopters for the first season. We are looking for people in the tri-state area that have great stories and want (and NEED) a great dog just as much as our dogs need homes. Please let me know if you think you or anyone you know would make a
great candidate for the show. Also, please forward this email onto anyone you think might know someone great, or could help spread the word.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your help!


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