Another Dog Abandonded in Brooklyn Heights

Is this a sign of the times? I find it hard to believe that it’s a coincidence that two dogs were abandoned at Hillside Dog Run in two days. The state of the economy and the city’s banning of large dogs and certain breeds in public housing has to play a role here.

In any case, I am glad that our community is so willing to help. Thanks to everyone on the Hillside Yahoo Group that has helped, is helping or offered to help these great dogs.

Here’s info on Sweetie who was rescued in the park yesterday.

Sweet puppy for adoption: a beautiful and super-sweet black and white female Pit mix puppy, approximately 5 months old and 40lbs. At first no one knew this dog was abandoned today because she was playing so well and actively with the other dogs at Hillside Dog Park. But it became apparent after many hours that the puppy’s prior owners intentionally left her. No tags, no microchip, no collar. She’s currently being fostered with a neighborhood family that already has a 10-month old puppy (and a 8 year old daughter), and won’t be able to foster this new pup for long.

As you’ll see from the photo, this pup is very sweet, playful, and is great with children and other dogs. This is an active dog and will need a good amount of daily exercise (at least an hour at Hillside for some off-leash fun).

My fellow neighbors, the economic crisis is overflowing the animal shelters with abandoned dogs. There’s no room left. Let’s take care of our own during these tough times, from our neighbors to our pups.

If you’ve been thinking of adopting, now’s the time–these dogs will make their new owners very happy.

For more information or for an interview to see one of these dogs, please contact me at

A special thanks goes to Matthew Parker, President of the Friends of Hillside Dog Park. He is currently fostering Akita (whom I posted about Monday) and has this to say about him.

Warning: if you meet Akita you’re going to want to make him part of your life. As Friends of Hillside Dog Park president, I see a lot of dogs, and they are all good, but Akita is exceptional. He’ll make a great companion for someone who wants a big dog, but also one that’s laid back and well trained. I think he’d do fine even in a small apartment. Someone’s going to adopt a great dog. If you’ve been thinking about it, and you want a big dog (he’s an underweight 72 lbs and will likely be at least 80lbs), he’s right here in Brooklyn Heights waiting to meet you.

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