Prince Update

This came in from Amy of Sugar Mutts Rescue:

I actually have good news… the ASPCA took Prince in. After his surgical consultation with the specialist on Tuesday, it turned out that his care was going to cost almost $3,000 (not the $900-$1,000 we had anticipated). They agreed to do the surgery and give him everything he needs if I signed him over, so I did. It’s the best possible solution for him really because they will able to provide everything he needs, including the 8 weeks of supervised cage rest he will need to recover full use of his leg. Poor little guy.

Thanks again for donating! That will help with the three 8 week-old puppies I am getting from a high-kill shelter down in Georgia next week! Yikes!

Amy Marciano
Sugar Mutts Rescue

Very good news for Prince! Yay!

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