It is Hank’s least favorite time of year. The sound of fireworks turn him in to a quivering puddle. The poor guy really melts down and it is sad to see.

Many of you also have dogs that suffer from a fear of fireworks, or kovtapyroergasoiphobia. If you do, make sure you have a plan for the 4th of July.

My July 4th plan is to load Hank up on Xanax and Melatonin (and perhaps Sileo), lock him in the bedroom and leave the air conditioner on to muffle the sound. He will crawl under the bed and stay there. Hank will be a mess, but at least he will be safe.

I will be going to a BBQ, and normally he would come with me but not that day. Animal shelters are always full on July 5th after freaked out dogs bolt.

As for Fever, I will keep her away from Hank. His bizarre behavior could make her nervous and then I might end up with two kovtapyroergasoiphobic dogs.

Whatever your plan is, keep your dogs safe and have an excellent holiday!

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