Henry the Cuddle Bug!

I’ve been working with Henry and his family since he was a puppy. From the very beginning, he was not happy being handled. Even something as small as touching his harness elicited a bite from the little guy. In puppy class, he would try to bite his mom, his 11 year old brother, my assistant and even me! It was a very serious problem, especially in such a young dog.

Since then, we’ve been working in private lessons. Henry’s family has been working very hard and he has been making steady improvement. They have followed all of my directions and practiced all the exercises I assigned. I am quite proud of the latest update from the family:

“Henry’s new morning routine! He comes in for a snuggle and falls asleep again! Absolutely amazing! Thank you!!!!!!!!”
Congratulations are due to Henry’s family. Henry had a behavioral problem that could have ended with him in another home or even in a shelter. Instead, he is an adorable cuddle bug that gets to throughly enjoy his family and vice versa! Hooray for Henry!

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