Dog Friendly in Austin

For vacation, Vinny and I went to Austin, TX for our annual trip to the Austin City Limits Music Festival. We have quite a few friends in Austin and we try to see them all whenever we are there.

This year we were lucky enough to meet up with an old friend of mine, Daniel Barrett. We did the math… we’ve known each other for 21 years! Dan and his fiance recently adopted a dog that was one day away from being euthanized. So, when making dinner plans Dan suggested a dog friendly place so that I could meet Miss Tupelo Honey.

We met at Freddy’s Place and I was in heaven! It is amazing. They have a giant, beautiful patio that welcomes dogs and was voted “The Best Place to Take Your Dog for Lunch” by the Austin Chronicle. The food is tasty and you can even order a bowl of meat for your pooch! When Tupelo Honey needed some water, the waitress was happy to bring her a bowl.

Tupelo Honey herself is such a sweetheart. Since he’s never had a dog before, Dan is concerned that he’s doing right by her (which he is). She’s just a big love and is very lucky to have found such a good home.

Here’s a photo of Dan and Tupelo Honey at Freddy’s (by the washer courts because that’s where the light was). How cute is she?

Be sure to visit Freddy’s when you are in Austin!!

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