Calling All Dogs for Mural

If you are in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and have a dog, you might want to participate in “Doggywood.”

Dog mural coming to Lincoln Road

Angus PLG Arts is working on transforming the “temporary” construction fences on Lincoln Road into a mural celebrating the diversity of the neighborhood. While it’s a neat idea, I’ve been hoping they’d do something more interesting than generic nods to diversity—y’know, like a painted replica of the glass tower building. Or life-size paintings of real estate offices.

Still, I’m glad to see that someone on the planning team has the right idea—a section of the mural will exclusively feature neighborhood dogs. In fact, if you’d like to get your dog up there, you can send a photo along with a brief description of “what makes your dog special” to Fifteen winners will be selected via an online vote starting on August 23, followed by a painted portrait by local artist Susan Berkowitz.

The final work, “Doggywood” will reside on a panel 7′ x 8′ feet, part of the PLG Community Mural Project on Lincoln Road near the Prospect Park Station, and will be revealed during an event on Saturday, September 12 and Sunday, September 13, 2009.

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