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Basic Manners:

Teach your dog the skills he needs to be a well-mannered family member, indoors and out. This six-week class will teach multiple levels of Sit, Down, Leash Walking, Come, Stay, Leave It, Drop It, and more. Basic Manners will give you the tools to build effective communication with your dog, regardless of his age or breed.

Basic Manners Bootcamp:

This course jam packs the most important elements of our manners classes into two comprehensive two-hour classes. You will learn to teach your dog impulse control around distractions like food and guests, how to walk politely on leash, and how to come when called. There will be a potty break between the first and second hour.

Advanced Manners:

Prerequisite – Basic Manners or equivalent. Increase your dog’s skills developed in Basic Manners by introducing more distractions. You will also learn how to apply these behaviors and the tools in your training toolbox to the real world.

BKLN Manners™: Urban Dog Manners for Busy People

Does your dog try chasing squirrels on walks? Bark at the doorbell? Jump on guests? This manners crash course is designed for busy dog owners who want real-world solutions to common but unwanted doggie behaviors. We will address strategies to these problems:

B: Barking
K: Knocking people over
L: Leash walking problems
N: Naughty when alone

The class is intended for dogs of all ages and levels who need to learn some self-control. For dogs that show aggression or extreme excitement, please schedule a private lesson with us first.

Summer Manners:

Get your dog ready for summer by teaching him polite manners on the sidewalk, in the park, and at the cafe. This two-week workshop will focus on summer-specific training: leash walking skills, leaving garbage and other distractions alone, coming when called (even in the park), settling down on a mat, and more.

Pay Attention!:

Does your dog blow you off on leash? Have selective hearing when you call him? This two-week workshop will teach you how to get your dog’s attention indoors, on walks, and at the dog park. By teaching your dog to listen to you, you will find his behavior automatically improves.

Confidence Building for Shy Dogs:

This class consists of a variety of confidence building exercises. Your dog will learn new behaviors and tricks as well as explore new surfaces, items, and situations in a positive and appropriate way. We will teach your dog that new and unusual situations can be fun and they can make treats & good things happen.  This class is good for anyone hoping to increase their dogs confidence and comfort in unfamiliar situations. It is especially good for puppies, therapy dog hopefuls, and timid dogs that need some extra help learning the world isn’t such a scary place. It is not for reactive or extremely fearful dogs

CGC Canine Good Citizen Workshop:

Do you think your dog has the potential to be an AKC Canine Good Citizen? The CGC program was created to reward dogs that have good manners in the home & in the community. This class prepares dogs to pass each of the 10 test items and culminates with the opportunity to pass the test and earn the CGC title.

Door Decorum: Teaching Manners at the Door:

This one-hour workshop introduces you to strategies to eliminate bad behavior at the door, including barking at the doorbell, jumping on guests as they enter, and rushing out the door. Your dog will learn that it’s actually more rewarding to be calm and polite around the door.

Solutions for Sidewalk Snackers:

This one-hour workshop is for dogs who consider the sidewalk to be a buffet of delicious garbage and debris. You will teach your dog how to resist the temptation of sidewalk “snacks,” as well as practice what to do if your dog already has an item like a chicken bone in his mouth. Prerequisites: None.

Intro to Clicker Training:

Whether your dog has already taken a hundred training classes or none at all, clicker training is a fun way to teach both basic behaviors and impressive tricks. In this one-hour workshop you will learn how to properly use the clicker, and you will teach your dog to perform new behaviors using this positive training method. The workshop will provide you with the tools to train your dog to do almost anything! Clickers will be provided. Prerequisites: None. 

Curb Your Dog’s Enthusiasm:

This workshop is appropriate for dogs of all training levels. If your dog needs to learn some self control especially around food, doors, dogs and/or greeting people then this is the class for you!

Beat the Winter Blues – Indoor Activities and Games:

A bored, cooped-up dog can get into all kinds of trouble. Help your dog stay entertained and well behaved this winter with a variety of indoor, apartment-friendly games, activities, and training. (No prerequisites)

Canine Holiday Manners:

Prerequisite – Basic Manners or equivalent. This workshop will help your dog learn good manners for your holiday festivities. We will practice a variety of intermediate-level impulse-control behaviors to make sure that your tempting holiday meal isn’t stolen by a curious canine, and your guests can go home scratch- and drool-free. We will practice polite doggie behaviors during guest arrivals, food preparation, meal time at the dinner table and just hanging out on the sofa.

Teach Your Dog to Stay. No Matter What.:

Would you like your dog to stay when guests come through the door? When you’re outside, do you want a dog that sits politely by your side while you chat with a neighbor? This workshop will show you how to achieve a rock solid stay in a variety of situations. You will learn how to teach your dog a reliable stay even when you walk away, and even when there are distractions present. We will work at your dog’s level, and by the end of class you will have the tools to continue practicing under an array of circumstances.

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Classes are held at the Brooklyn Dog Training Center, 213 21st Street