The Foobler

What on Earth is a Foobler???

The Foobler is an innovative food dispensing toy that is currently in development. What makes it different from other puzzle toys is that it has 6 different spaces to hold food and each space is activated at specified intervals. That means that dogs will have 6 opportunities for fun and activity while you are not home.

I found out about this new product through a video from Dr. Sophia Yin where she chats with the creators (formerly of The Sharper Image) about the design and features. After watching it, I needed to get one to try it for myself. You can watch her video here.

The creators had a Kickstarter campaign for the product that was over 200% funded. They are now available for pre-order at

I have pre-ordered a bluetooth enabled one that can be controlled from my iPhone. How high tech and cool is that??? Delivery is not expected until September, but I will post a review of it then.
If it works as well as it sounds, this could be a fantastic tool for high energy dogs as well as dogs with separation anxiety. I am excited to try it out!

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