My New Love: The Furminator

I have been unsure about what brush would be best for Hank for almost 3 years. The brushes I used for Charleston didn’t seem to do anything other than brush dust of his coat and did nothing for the copious amount of fur Hank sheds. He is so low maintenance as far as grooming goes that I have been too lazy to experiment.

I was placing a large pet store order online recently when I saw The Furminator. Something about it made me think it could be the perfect solution, a marriage of a slicker brush and soft bristle brush so I ordered one. At $50 a pop, it was a pretty big gamble.

The day it arrived I opened the package and called Hank to our usual grooming spot. He took one look at The Furminator and decided he didn’t want anything to do with it. I wasn’t surprised since he does understand new stimuli easily, so I did some quick Classical Conditioning work with him.
Very soon I was able to brush him. Oh my goodness! I could feel how thorough how the brush was and Hank quickly realized he was enjoying it. Within a few strokes the brush was completely full of fur so I held it over the garbage can, hit the discharge button and bam! the brush was empty. It was so easy and clean. Hank was Furminated!
I highly recommend this grooming product. The only drawback is that I should have bought the large instead of the medium, but that’s the fault of the website for mislabeling the size recommendations. Best of all, now through April 21st you can save $10 AND get free shipping when you use the promo code DOGSTER2011.

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