Lots of Pugs to Rescue

Reposted from Gowanus Lounge:

We have to admit that although we are animal lovers, small, yappy, football sized dogs sometimes give us the urge to punt. But all joking aside, this story from a Park Slope Parents email is a sad one and despite our hatred for puppy mills (they’re basically commercial enterprises which breed dogs in sometimes dispicable conditions and turn them into a disposable commodity) these dogs need a kind heart to to save them from being put down. Here’s the story:

A friend of mine who runs Pug Peke Tzu Rescue in Upstate NY sent this out to me and is hoping that others can help and step up to the plate as well. I am just the messenger- hoping that ANYONE or any rescues can help save some or ALL of these pugs!!!! The point of contact is Tina- here is her note: I have received an email of a pug puppy mill closing they have close to 100 pugs, all ages…please let me know if you can take any and if so how many…any not spoken for will be killed…a couple are coming thurs or fri the rest over the is in Lancaster I am going with Kathy to get them..she is with a boston terrier rescue. Let me know ASAP if you can help!!! Tina Spread the Word About: Boxer Angels Rescue

The contact email is and there’s more info on the organization involved here as well as all their adoptable pugs. Spread the word and let’s hope they all find a good home. The pug pictured here, by the way, is named Maxine. Come on, Brooklyn, go Pug for the holidays and somebody please take Maxine.

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