Lost Dog

I got this yesterday and it seems to be a couple of days old. I have no update, but it can’t hurt to be on the lookout for this lost dog.

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Brooklyn, NY – Lost – newly adopted Schnoodle – Very Frightened!

Brooklyn,NY- Broke loose from collar* Terrified newly adopted SCHNOODLE*-MICROCHI PPED***** Afraid of people*****. XPOST !

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We need help from all our NY friends and rescuers. Kingsley is
microchipped and the police and animal control have been notified.
The family is putting up flyers today. The nights are so cold and this
poor little guy is so scared. He won’t last long on the streets.
Please help us find him before he ends up dead or in bad hands.

Please read below and look at the attached pictures. His family is
frantic. If found please call Arlene at 917-217-8280 or Eleventh
Hour Rescue at 973-664-0865. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for anything you can do to help
even if it is just to say a prayer for this poor scared little boy

Earlier report : I just got a call from the people who adopted Kingslely
(the terrified schnoodle). He broke out of his collar last night (11/20)
while being walked and they have been looking all night for him. He
was last seen on Rogers & Tilden Streets in Brooklyn, NY. This is totally
my biggest fear with him because he is so afraid of people, he won’t
come to them….Help!

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