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Lots of Pugs to Rescue

Reposted from Gowanus Lounge: We have to admit that although we are animal lovers, small, yappy, football sized dogs sometimes give us the urge to punt. But all joking aside, this story from a Park Slope Parents email is a sad one and despite our hatred for puppy mills (they’re basically commercial enterprises which breedRead more

Missing Mango

A Columbia Waterfront neighborhood fixture, Mango, has gone missing. He is a local celebrity of sorts and I’ve received several emails and notices about him. This is from Steve of Steve’s Key Lime Pies: Someone absconded with our trusty sidekick Mango on Saturday, November 22, 2008 at approximately 7:00 PM from in front of Jake’sRead more

Lost Dog

I got this yesterday and it seems to be a couple of days old. I have no update, but it can’t hurt to be on the lookout for this lost dog. Forwarded message – please reply to marthadoodle@ Brooklyn, NY – Lost – newly adopted Schnoodle – Very Frightened! Brooklyn,NY- Broke loose from collar*Read more

Bingo Needs A Home

This came in over the weekend from our good friends at Monster Mutt: BINGO is a 5 year old American Eskimo Dog. She is female, spayed, fully vaccinated & in excellent health. She is friendly, happy, super sweet & the perfect size for a Brooklyn or NY apartment. She loves people & dogs alike &Read more

Ginger Needs a Foster ASAP

Word of a sweet Pit mix that is in need of a foster came from a friend of mine on the Hillside Dog Run Yahoo group. Ginger is described as petite, social and non-aggressive. Judging by her body language in her photo, she seems to be a great, young dog. She is in a cityRead more

33 Poodles at ASPCA

The ASPCA rescued 33 poodles of varying ages from a single home in Queens yesterday. The poodles belonged to an elderly couple. The story makes it sound like they began with a reasonable number of dogs. But when the dogs began to multiply, the couple could no longer keep up with all of them. HoardingRead more

Adoption Alert!

This just came in from the good folks at Monster Mutt. Crystal Needs a Home Crystal was found tied to the front door of the NYC shelter. She was completely emaciated & unable to put on weight. They were going to have to euthanize her. The kind people at the Mayor’s Alliance rescued her andRead more