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Beach Fun

For the big Memorial Day weekend, we took Charleston out to the beach. He loves the beach, but not the way you would expect. I’ve always said that he’s a terrible Retriever… swimming is not his strong suit. Whenever we get to the beach he runs straight for the water, but as soon as theRead more

Bark In The Park

Are you getting a puppy this summer? Looking for fun ways to socialize the little pup? Wouldn’t it be great if you could take him to a baseball game? You can! The Brooklyn Cyclones are inviting canine loving fans to bring their dogs to the August 11th “Bark In The Park” game. For information andRead more

Operation Spoil Charleston

Operation Spoil Charleston is continuing. This morning we went to the dog run to visit Jamie. When Charlie was younger, he used to go to the park with her three times a week to play with all his friends (and come home good and tired). He looooooooooooooves Jamie. When he saw her today he immediatelyRead more

More About Charleston

I talked to Dr. Vinitsky, our regular vet at Park Slope Vets, today. She has a great way of translating medical speak into something I can understand, despite my emotional state. The kind of tumor that Charleston has is a Fibrosarcoma. The reason it is inoperable is because they would have to remove so muchRead more

The Call No One Wants To Get

I mentioned in my last post that we’ve been dealing with a health issue with Charleston. I was purposefully vague because we really did not know what was going on. It started as a mass in his mouth that was very infected. The idea that it might be cancer was tossed out early, but thenRead more

Pet Insurance

I’m really interested to know people’s thoughts on Pet Health Insurance. I always figured it was not worth the expense for Charleston because he’s young and he’s always been healthy. For the last five years we’ve hardly been to the vet more than once a year for his check up. We are now faced withRead more

We Met An Actual Famous Dog

I know I promised more photos from the SPCA of Westchester walk-a-thon and they’ve been slow in coming. However, this might be one of the most exciting photos from the day. We got a visit from Missy, star of tv and print ads. You might recognize her as the face of the current ASPCA adRead more

Dog Fights in Brooklyn Parks

After reading about a recent dog-on-dog attack in Fort Greene Park during off leash hours, I realized it was time to address this serious issue. Most dog owners enjoy taking their dogs to dog runs and parks during off leash hours, I know I do. Unfortunately, not all dogs belong in a public run. ThereRead more

Becca Represents at Dogswalk Against Cancer

The review from Rebecca of the Dogswalk Against Cancer is two paws up! The rain held out, and from the looks of it the Murray family had a blast. Yes, that is a Doggie Academy t-shirt Rebecca’s wearing and Melody is admiring. They look pretty smart right? Want your own? Check out our store onRead more

Walk-a-thon Fun

The Wags and Whiskers Walk-a-thon was a wonderful!! We had truly amazing weather and it really seemed like everyone, human and canine alike, had fun. It was great meeting and talking with so many of you! The big hit of the day was the Easy Walk Harness. They were so popular I ran out ofRead more